World Cuisines

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Many food lovers enjoy nothing more than to alternate meals between the different types of cuisine that come from countries all over the world. It can sometimes be difficult to choose among the great selection of flavorful world cuisines, but it’s fun to try. That’s why we have rounded up the most resounding symphonies of flavor, the most colorful chicken dishes and the tasties bites for you.

With our online cookbook there’s no need to leave your kitchen to experience cuisines from around the world. Join us on a culinary voyage that will introduce you to foreign ingredients, other ways to prepare food and entirely new gustatory experiences.

Begin your culinary tour with the healthy Greek and Lebanese or with rich and elegant French chicken recipes. Continue your journey with oriental Turkish chicken dishes and then heat things up with Indian and Mexican flavors featured below. From unusual but intriguing food in China or Japan to bland but quirky in Britain, there’s something for every craving.

Here is your guide to the fascinating, international cuisines.

  • American Cuisine American Cuisine

    Whether is Grilled, Roasted, Stewed or Southern-fried, American Chicken has unlimited versatility.

  • British Cuisine British Cuisine

    From Chicken Sandwiches to Tikka Chicken, enjoy classic British Chicken dishes as well as authentic regional specialities.

  • Chinese Cuisine Chinese Cuisine

    Always keep in mind that color, aroma, taste and texture are main criteria for preparing Chinese Chicken recipes.

  • French Cuisine French Cuisine

    Regional and traditional French Chicken dishes served with white wine makes pure “plaisir”.

  • German Cuisine German Cuisine

    From Schwetzinger Spargelsalat to Chicken Schnitzel, browse and find the best German Chicken meals.

  • Greek Cuisine Greek Cuisine

    Try some simple salads, grilled Greek Chicken Skewers or classic Moussaka and find out why everyone loves Greek food.

  • Indian Cuisine Indian Cuisine

    Exotic recipes with natural ingredients are healthy and nutritious. Enjoy as your tongue hits all the different combination of flavors.

  • Italian Cuisine Italian Cuisine

    Tasty and easy to prepare - that’s why everyone loves Italian Chicken Pastas.

  • Japanese Cuisine Japanese Cuisine

    Rise and noodles are essential in Japanese cuisine. Show off your culinary skills with Teriyaki Noodles or Chicken Sushi.

  • Korean Cuisine Korean Cuisine

    Sweet, savory, pickled, salted, fermented, spicy... Enjoy in different tastes which only Korean cuisine can offer you.

  • Lebanese Cuisine Lebanese Cuisine

    Browse our recipes and find out why the Lebanese cuisine is one of the most famous cuisine in the world.

  • Mexican Cuisine Mexican Cuisine

    From Tortilla Soup to Chicken Tacos, Quesadillas and Nachos - find these and lots more Mexican Chicken recipes here.

  • Russian Cuisine Russian Cuisine

    Russian Chicken recipes are easy, they do not demand much skills, special ingredients, exotic equipment and tools. Sounds perfect?

  • Spanish Cuisine Spanish Cuisine

    Enjoy traditional Mediterranean Spanish dishes with classics such as Chicken Paella or Tapas.

  • Thai Cuisine Thai Cuisine

    Shake up the kitchen experimenting with exotic ingredients. Different, fresh, easy and elegant - that’s Thai cuisine!

  • Turkish Cuisine Turkish Cuisine

    Explore this famous cuisine starting with meze and ending with Chicken Doner Kebab.

  • Vietnamese Cuisine Vietnamese Cuisine

    Fresh food, herbs, vegetables, soup-based dishes and presentation are main characteristics of this healthy cuisine.

New Chicken Recipes

  • Epic Roast Chicken Salad

    Prep Cook Total

    Yield 6 servings • Difficulty Easy Chicken Recipes

  • Chicken, edamame & ginger pilaf

    Prep Cook Total

    Yield 4 servings • Difficulty Easy Chicken Recipes

  • Easy Chicken Pot Pie

    Easy Chicken Pot Pie

    * * * * . -

    Prep Cook Total

    Yield 6 servings • Difficulty Easy Chicken Recipes

  • Chicken Döner Kebab

    Prep Cook Total

    Yield 5 servings • Difficulty Easy Chicken Recipes